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To become more conscious is to become more aware of your emotions and thoughts. We can overthink this statement by thinking it’s complicated and we have to have special skills to become more aware but the truth is you don’t. We all can become more aware and it’s quite simple to get started.

Check in with yourselves throughout the day. What do I mean by this? Ask yourself how am I feeling, take a minute to think about it before answering. By doing this you are forcing yourself to be aware.

How many times a day to you sit at work and just drift if into a day dream or just stare into space and someone has to call your name multiple times to get your attention? I use to do this all the time and whenever someone would ask me ‘what was I thinking?’ I wouldn’t be able to answer I’d say I don’t know. That’s a prime example of being unaware and living from the unconscious mind. This is the mind that causes things like depression, we spend our days thinking over negative things, past experiences, seemingly unaware and it starts to have an effect on our emotions.

Another check in is to ask yourself what was I thinking or what am I thinking right now. The moment you do this you instantly become more aware.

Check in with yourself though out the day, be it waiting at your station to board your tube or waiting in line to get a coffee. The more you practice it the better you will get and therefore the more aware you’ll become.

Once you check in and ask yourself ‘how do I feel?’ Or ‘what am I thinking’ if the answer comes back as a negative thing such as I feel sad, ask yourself why? This will probably bring you to the ‘what am I thinking about’ question. Once you have your answer try to process and understand it. It is at this point you can choose to change your thinking and tell yourself a different story. This might sound crazy but self dialogue is very important, don’t just let negative thoughts run wild in your head. Shut them down and replace them with positive ones.

The beauty about becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings is that you can choose to change them. You can take control of them, you can tell yourself I feel amazing, I am beautiful, I am worthy, I do deserve better. You can tell yourself anything. The moment you become aware of a thought you can become free of it, you do not have to choose to reinforce the thought you can break it. That thought no longer has power over you, becoming aware is about taking back your power and breaking free from your unconscious mind.

-Dionne MT-

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