Dating.. Step 2

Sometimes we can be so focused on what another person has to offer that we haven’t even stop to think, what do we actually bring to the table?

You expect to meet someone who has an amazing job, has their own place, drives a bmw, goes on multiple holidays a year, has loads of hobbies, is educated, reads, is fit and healthy, is this is that.. meanwhile you’re sitting on you couch binge watching trash tv eating tub after tub of ice cream, you haven’t had a stable job once in your life, can barely afford an Uber, your last holiday was butlins when you was a kid, you do nothing other than rave, the last book you read was in school, you can’t hold a conversation about anything other than love island yet here you are expecting to meet mr or miss amazing… *insert embarrassed face here*

How about we flip the script and focus on ourselves. Focus on being the person you want to be and then your energy will draw the right person to you.

If you’re on the dating scene don’t worry about forming a list of needs you want met, focus on you. Worry about the type of person YOU are, the type of energy you’re giving of, get YOUR mind right, get YOUR life in check. Be the type of person you want and that is exactly what you’ll get.

Step 2.. focus on you, the rest will follow.

Check out step 1 here

-Dionne MT-

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