Don’t Settle. You deserve butterflies 

It can be very hard to meet someone who truly gets you. Someone who embraces your quirks. Many are attracted to the physical but will not take the time to know and actually understand you. 

Relationships these days don’t seem to last because what you find is, you have two people who find each other physically attractive but don’t know a thing about each other. Your partner should know what pushes your buttons, what calms you down, what you love, what you hate, they should know you.
As time passes certain things start to bother you or physical changes occurs, when you’re with someone for the right reasons theses things don’t bother you. 

I remember when I use to be so shallow. I cared so much about what others thought of my partner. In reality none of that matters, all that matter is the connection, the energy. Find someone who you can connect with on a deeper level than the physical. When something is based purely on physical attraction it will eventually fizzle out, their attraction will start to dim, they will always have to make this extreme effort to keep your attention. That’s not how things should work. When you meet someone and connect with them, when your energy aligns the physical will follow effortlessly. That person will always be the most beautiful person to you. It has to be deeper than the physical or I’m not interested. 

I don’t have time to waste chasing beautiful skirts, I’m over here trying to give of good energy knowing that good energy will find me. I don’t need to have thousands of potentials I just need one person who will take the time to sit down and get to know me for me. Many see me and are attracted to me, but do not understand me. Be weary of the person who shows you so much interest but does not know one thing about you. All they know is what they see and we are far from just our outer layer.

don't settle. real love, you deserve butterflies too

I’m not saying you can’t learn to love someone because I’m sure you can but for me I don’t see why you should have to force a feeling. If it’s not there from day one it’s probably never going to be without a lot of effort. That initial feeling you have when you meet someone is usually the feeling that will continue. 

Don’t settle for a superficial connection based purely on physical attraction, you deserve the butterflies. I’m sure we’ve all loved and lost enough to know better by now.. we deserve the real thing. 

-Dionne MT-

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