Integrity is Everything

I believe honestly is the best policy no matter what the situation is. We have to own our mistakes and wrongdoings even when being honest will make you look bad or cause you to lose people. The truth will always come out in the end, it may not be today or even next year but it always will and deep down the weight of the lies you tell others and yourself, even to the point you may believe these lies.. they will eventually tear you apart.

Liars will never prosper and drama will always follow them. Personally I don’t know how liars do it, just think about the amount of energy it must take to keep them from falling over the lies they tell. The double lives, the fakery the thought alone gives me anxiety.

People assume honestly is all about the other person when in fact it’s just as much about yourself, it’s about being able to look yourself in the mirror with your head held high, it’s about being able to stare others in the eye knowing you are living your complete truth.

Integrity is everything.

I live my life by this moto, my word is everything. I’ve lost people that at the time I cared deeply about but my soul is at complete peace knowing that regardless of how a situation might have made me look I’ve been honest. I speak my truth always, own my mistakes and learn from them. For me this is the best and only way to live life.

-Dionne MT-

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3 thoughts on “Integrity is Everything

  1. I can see why you’d think that and I used to think that before life got a little bit complicated and lying became a survival mechanism. I don’t agree with lying but sometimes there are things we find hard to accept and we end up living that double life you talk about for awhile until we’re ready to tell the truth. I’ve found the truth and the concept of lying are not as black and white as we may think, and sometimes we need to take some time to process things despite feeling the guilt of lying.

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