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Since I started blogging consistently I’ve found a warm supportive community. The blogging community is almost like your extended family, I enjoy sharing and networking with my fellow bloggers.

There are so many people out there who expect you to support their ventures but are not willing to do the same. How can we expect others to read, like, comment or share our blog if we are not willing to do the same. I’ve come across some amazing bloggers who selflessly promote others, we must be willing to do for others what we want done for us.

I’ve created the Bloggers Network page, a page where bloggers are encouraged to share their blog/post links. I’ve decided to develop this further by introducing weekly Reblogs as well as a Recommended Reads section. My blog has been featured on a few pages like this and for this I am so grateful, I understand the importance of having such opportunities and would encourage you all to get involved.

All are welcome from the newest bloggers to the more experienced.

I want to be part of a blogging community in which we actively promote and support each other. So many great bloggers partake in this practice,  it’s a great feeling.

Please share your links in the comments section on the Bloggers Network page. Click Here to enter .

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I look forward to connecting with you all.


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15 thoughts on “Bloggers Network: Connect & Share


    Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and it’s just what I need. My blog is about 4 months old. It’s hard getting tips and tricks. I really just figured stuff out myself. Still figuring out more as the days go by.
    Keep up the good work. God bless.

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