Suffering From Pain? Suffer No More..

The pain I feel is so real
All I feel to do is write
Write away my pain so I do not feel
Escapism.. is what I yearn to heal
To occupy my mind with other thoughts, I’d be free
Echoes of pain shadow box these thoughts, ears ring out I can not see
Imagine the pain I’d feel if I truly succumbed

Succumb, give in to its will
Its will I refuse to embrace
This pain I feel is more than enough

Breathe Think Write Release 


We’ve all been in a situation where until we thought about that particular thing it really didn’t bother us at all.

For example; until we said we feel cold we didn’t feel cold, the moment we said we were hungry  was the moment we got really hungry, because that’s all we could then think about.

Everything around us is energy. Everything. What we see with our eyes is simply energy in its manifested form.

According to Einstein Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred from one form to another. 

I’m a strong believer in thoughts having power, thoughts are energy that are continuously directing the things around us. Our thoughts attract things.

I’m currently recovering from shoulder surgery and I kid you not, the more I think about the pain the worse it gets. If I focus on the pain it gets so bad to the point I want to pull my arm out and just start a fresh. I’ll take one new arm to go please… if only it was actually that simple.

I spend all my energy trying to think about anything other than the pain I’m really feeling. I write, I read,I work on my blog.. I throw my mind into all sorts of deep thinking so I can make it through the day. 

I feel pain because I’ve not got full control of my mind, this is something that I think takes years of practice. Some of the greatest leaders of this New Thought principle spend lifetimes trying to master this.

The mind is such a beautiful thing.

Have you ever thought why is it some people can handle pain better than others. Why is it two people can suffer the same injury but feel pain differently?

Is pain a construct of the mind?

I already have a high pain threshold which I think stems back to my childhood. For some strange reason I used to tell myself I don’t feel pain. Well that has come in handy now because at times I think to myself how am I doing this, I should technically be screaming and crying everyday. Don’t get me wrong I do have the odd day when I’m mentally weak or tired and I choose to let the pain get out of control. You might ask why allow it to win at times? The simple answer is, it’s hard work trying to constantly not think about it or pretend you’re ok. I will always stay Trying.

Overall I can say I’ve got this.

i laugh to stop my self from crying  quote. stop suffering
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I’ve got this.

Mentally I can see my shoulder fixed, completely healed. I can see my arm strong I imagine pain free days. I just need to remain strong, keep the faith and stay focused on the end goal whilst the physical catches up.

Positive thinking can get us through the toughest of times.

Where I am today physically, is a result of all I have thought in the past, I truly believe this. I spent years saying things like there’s always something wrong with me, calling myself accident prone and having it reinforced by those around me. No wonder why I always seem to have something wrong, or hurt myself so easily. For such a young women there really is know reason to have such health issues.

“All we are today is a result of all we have thought” – Buddha

Today I am changing this, today I will start to undo all of this by speaking positively about my health.

I am well, I have perfect health.

This will be my mantra.

Change is coming. I believe it.


Breather Think Write Release


suffer no more, mind over matter
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