Lost In Translation

Mind games why do we play them.
When did life become so complicated where no one speaks the truth, no one says what’s really on their mind, so afraid of the response.

Instead we engage in strategic games of mind chess always considering our next 5 steps. Rarely in the moment we live our present with two hands on the future one foot in the past, hardly taking a moment to relax and actually truly laugh. 

When did life become so complicated, yesteryears childhood freedom a distant memory, now we struggle not to live with constant dread an worry. 

Who remembers when yes ment yes and no ment no, how many wasted hours have we lost trying to translate such simple words into a language we can understand.  

Struggling to comprehend words we look to seek knowledge through body language, X’s and O’s. Struggling to understand messages in this new digital age where everything is emojis and emoticons.

People communicate through statuses, pictures, quotes, gifs so much indirecting but rarely eye to eye speaking.

The simplest of messages are misconstrued, the simplest messages are lost in translation.
In a time where everyone is so easily accessible one of the biggest problems for our generation is miscommunication. 

Constantly miscommunicating. 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Communication Problems

Impulsive unthought actions 
Explosive irrational reactions
We act unprepared to face the consequences of our decisions
Plagued by confusion misunderstandings and indecisions

Do we listen to the mind or heart
Do we listen to the feelings that last
That niggling feeling deep inside 
That voice we hear we try to hide 
Or do we just act from the depths of our raw emotions 
Resulting in act now think later situations 

No, we should think before we speak 
We can’t let the moments heat take control and run wild with a situation
We’d avoid so many issues if we worked on our communication
..Then take action 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Think before you speak, think before actingPhoto Source

Love, a little side note..

If we embody love, become love in turn will we not show more love?

We must first love ourselves embracing all our flaws before we can truly love another imperfect being. 

Until we can accept that we are not perfect and that perfection doesn’t exist, we will always be searching for this person who along with perfection doesn’t exist.

Ask yourself this..
If we can not accept our own faults how will we accepts the faults of others?

Noone is perfect, that includes you.

-Dionne MT-

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Sipping tea like Kermit

Painting pictures picasso love
They’re not deceiving us 
Who are they trying to convince 
Is it them or us
The worlds looking in like we don’t give a fuck
In your love you need to trust
The sacredness is being lost
Posting mug shots sipping tea like germit
Two mugs clinking does he or she deserve it
With twitter fingers you say one thing
Hotline blinging sweet talking another’s thing
Singing two different songs
Broken record it’s just wrong 
Looking through the window of your soul do you believe the things you say
We sit back shake our heads and laugh at the games they play

-Dionne MT-

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Are you in it for the long run? Is falling in love the wrong way to do it?

Falling in love does that not mean just as quick as you’ve fallen in love that you can fall out of it? Love and relationships it’s a tricky thing if you ask me. 

A lot of the time we meet people and we want to fall head over heels in love and run off in to the sunset, have little love babies and build white picket fences. We grow up imagining a perfect situation almost like the fairytales we grew up reading or watching. If only relationships were as simple as this. 

For me I feel relationships and love are more than just a feeling. Yes we can have that feeling, the butterflies in the stomach, the take my breath away when you kiss me feeling but can relationship really be sustained on this feeling alone? What happens when things get tuff or hard situations arise? What happens when you’re no longer on a high and real life sets back in, normality resumes.. working life, children, bills, health problems and just life in general. What happens then?

Everyone is different and we’ll all have different views on this but I look at the world and I see so many people going from partner to partner not because there has been anything wrong with those they’ve chosen not to commit to but because once the euphoria wears off they then seek that feeling from somewhere else. Once the honeymoon period rubs of and it’s not all dandylions and roses the feeling of love they once had disappears.

Is falling in love the wrong way to go about things? Falling in love.. Is that not just a natural consequence when two people spend time putting energy into each other? 

Love and relationships are much more than this feeling. Don’t get me wrong I need that feeling and connection to be drawn to you, to be drawn into wanting to sustain a long term relationship, but to sustain that relationship it’s about making a choice to commit to each other. A commitment to love each other regardless of each other’s flaws, it’s a choosing to love that person as a whole not love that person because of the way that person makes you feel. 

If we go down the route of falling head over heels for someone a point must come when we make a conscious decision to set aside the feeling and simply love the individual for who they are.

Love and relationships.. it’s not just a feeling it’s a choice, it takes conscious effort on both sides.

-Dionne MT-

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