There is always hope

We suffer in silence, we suffer with smiles on our faces.. carefully replacing masks we act strong, failed by a system we asked for help A system who sees us as a number.. A system lacking funding, lacking time, lacking essential resources to provide an effective service. A system who I ask myself do they … Continue reading There is always hope

6 Months Later.. Face life head on

The moment has come, for 6 months I've been waiting silently dreading this day What are they gonna say what will I say Will it be a tick box exercise Trying to fit in to their predefined criteria  Trying not to feel weak or inferior The pit in my stomachs churning, heads spinning Deep breathing … Continue reading 6 Months Later.. Face life head on

Overwhelmed.. Therapy 101

We hide behind wide smiles masking troubled times Only a few will see what's really inside We put on brave faces not to let our armour chip  Meanwhile inside we feel like a sinking ship Being drowned overwhelmed by the surrounding waters Mentally exhausted in this moment looking for shelter Looking for a place to … Continue reading Overwhelmed.. Therapy 101