Anxiety.. you little bugger

Anxiety the invisible demon haunting our thoughts paralysing our actions It’s always lurking in the background it has a grip around your throat, strangling suffocating you, cutting off your oxygen supply Your minds racing, your sweating the panic sets in You can’t seem to slow your breathing, you notice all the eyes watching But they’re … Continue reading Anxiety.. you little bugger

There is always hope

We suffer in silence, we suffer with smiles on our faces.. carefully replacing masks we act strong, failed by a system we asked for help A system who sees us as a number.. A system lacking funding, lacking time, lacking essential resources to provide an effective service. A system who I ask myself do they … Continue reading There is always hope

6 Months Later.. Face life head on

The moment has come, for 6 months I've been waiting silently dreading this day What are they gonna say what will I say Will it be a tick box exercise Trying to fit in to their predefined criteria  Trying not to feel weak or inferior The pit in my stomachs churning, heads spinning Deep breathing … Continue reading 6 Months Later.. Face life head on