Sleep evades me still and I don’t know why I meditate, repeat mantras, I try to silence my mind How does a body and mind continue to function without the rest it requires How can I go days with no sleep, be tired but still not sleep when it’s bedtime It makes no sense, at … Continue reading Insomnia


Dual Polarity

Dual polarity moods swinging from one end to the next The change is so extreme so testing my mind gets no rest Continuous flow of thought superimposed waves on top of one another If everything is energy then my mind is like a power plant at full surge ready to implode This is why I … Continue reading Dual Polarity

There is always hope

We suffer in silence, we suffer with smiles on our faces.. carefully replacing masks we act strong, failed by a system we asked for help A system who sees us as a number.. A system lacking funding, lacking time, lacking essential resources to provide an effective service. A system who I ask myself do they … Continue reading There is always hope

6 Months Later.. Face life head on

The moment has come, for 6 months I've been waiting silently dreading this day What are they gonna say what will I say Will it be a tick box exercise Trying to fit in to their predefined criteria  Trying not to feel weak or inferior The pit in my stomachs churning, heads spinning Deep breathing … Continue reading 6 Months Later.. Face life head on

Overwhelmed.. Therapy 101

We hide behind wide smiles masking troubled times Only a few will see what's really inside We put on brave faces not to let our armour chip  Meanwhile inside we feel like a sinking ship Being drowned overwhelmed by the surrounding waters Mentally exhausted in this moment looking for shelter Looking for a place to … Continue reading Overwhelmed.. Therapy 101