Truth be told..

I wear my heart on my sleeve at times I can be so naive
Blinded by loyalty back stabbed by their insecurity
I don’t use the word friend lightly
I say my friends are like my family
Truth be told it’s not the same for everyone
Quick to throw you away like kids in a playground
Here today gone tomorrow, no backbone just hollow
We defend them but do they do the same
They sit, gossip and tarnish our name
It’s like life’s a game a big fat joke
It hurt but it’s okay
I’ve been burnt before ashes to ashes blow out the smoke

They say everything happens for a reason
Situations change just like the seasons
I’m starting to see the reason, they say you never lose anything that wasn’t supposed to be lost
In life we elevate, we outgrow folk
The truth hurts but lies cut deep like venom seeping out of their pores
They don’t want to hear the truth.. but mark my words the truth will always win
They don’t wanna see the truth.. but the truth always prevails
My loss never, vibrating higher setting sail
I’ve got good hearted people with me, good energy uplifting souls
Truth be told, I’m grateful I’ve no longer got folks in my boat drilling holes

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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