Unapologetic Living

I’m channelling love from the crevices of my soul to warm the cold spot in my heart.. created by pain, magnified by loss I have a soft spot for that warm fussy feeling, that intense feeling, an unquenchable yearning for you I have Not a need but a want Not a.. I can’t live without … Continue reading Unapologetic Living

Don’t forget who you are

Sometimes you have to remind yourself of the person you used to be to appreciate the person who you have become and are becoming. The work is never over but sometimes we forget just how far we’ve come, we can be so hard on ourselves at times because maybe we are not where we want … Continue reading Don’t forget who you are

It’s okay to cry.. sometimes

I remember a time when I never use to show emotions or cry, I’d hold everything in because I thought it made me look weak. That’s when I had a fake image to uphold, okay that’s a bit harsh saying fake more like a misguided image. An image I’d created based on an idea of … Continue reading It’s okay to cry.. sometimes

You Define You

Shallow faces turn quicker than the weather Whether you like it or not physically I refuse to be defined  I am she blessed with both feminine and masculine energy Addressing stereotypes breaking boundaries You can be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do Who knew in a world full of opinions … Continue reading You Define You

Torn between They and You

As fast as walls come tumbling down we build them back up Afraid to truly let go afraid to open up Torn between they and you Torn between what's fake and true Wishing you knew, wishing life was simple What you see is what you get, what you feel is what you rep Flying flags … Continue reading Torn between They and You