It’s okay to cry.. sometimes

I remember a time when I never use to show emotions or cry, I’d hold everything in because I thought it made me look weak. That’s when I had a fake image to uphold, okay that’s a bit harsh saying fake more like a misguided image. An image I’d created based on an idea of … Continue reading It’s okay to cry.. sometimes

You Define You

Shallow faces turn quicker than the weather Whether you like it or not physically I refuse to be defined  I am she blessed with both feminine and masculine energy Addressing stereotypes breaking boundaries You can be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do Who knew in a world full of opinions … Continue reading You Define You

Trends change, Opinions change. Know yourself.

For years I was being this person who I thought I was suppose to be, playing this role I thought I had to play. So blinded, so naive, a sheep. The thing is when you don't truly know yourself you are easily led. You mimic those around you as to fit in. Coming out in … Continue reading Trends change, Opinions change. Know yourself.

So you’re gay.. What’s the big deal anyway 

Some people say you choose to be gay, that being gay is a lifestyle choice. In some ways those people are correct. Yes every gay person chooses to be happy. We choose to a live in the truth, I choose to express my love to a woman because do you know what that's my thing. … Continue reading So you’re gay.. What’s the big deal anyway