You Define You

Shallow faces turn quicker than the weather Whether you like it or not physically I refuse to be defined  I am she blessed with both feminine and masculine energy Addressing stereotypes breaking boundaries You can be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do Who knew in a world full of opinions … Continue reading You Define You


Torn between They and You

As fast as walls come tumbling down we build them back up Afraid to truly let go afraid to open up Torn between they and you Torn between what's fake and true Wishing you knew, wishing life was simple What you see is what you get, what you feel is what you rep Flying flags … Continue reading Torn between They and You

Trends change, Opinions change. Know yourself.

For years I was being this person who I thought I was suppose to be, playing this role I thought I had to play. So blinded, so naive, a sheep. The thing is when you don't truly know yourself you are easily led. You mimic those around you as to fit in. Coming out in … Continue reading Trends change, Opinions change. Know yourself.

So you’re gay.. What’s the big deal anyway 

Some people say you choose to be gay, that being gay is a lifestyle choice. In some ways those people are correct. Yes every gay person chooses to be happy. We choose to a live in the truth, I choose to express my love to a woman because do you know what that's my thing. … Continue reading So you’re gay.. What’s the big deal anyway