Unapologetic Living

I’m channelling love from the crevices of my soul to warm the cold spot in my heart.. created by pain, magnified by loss

I have a soft spot for that warm fussy feeling, that intense feeling, an unquenchable yearning for you I have

Not a need but a want

Not a.. I can’t live without you but a.. I don’t want to, I choose not to, I choose you over and over again

And again

Ahhh a limitless love, a love who is proud of me, in an instant I was shared with her world

No second thoughts, no second guessing just a yes right now it’s you and only you

Ahhh it feels so good it feels so secure, secure in you secure in me, security sealed licked wounds healed

In my arms I put you with my mind undress you, removing layers taking down your guard until there’s nothing left just me and you

No facade just realness, just me allowing you to be you and you allowing me to me

Not perfection but growing with each other perfectly

Ahhh an unconditional love, two beings understanding the meaning understanding where we’re heading but still accepting where we’re at and that’s okay, yeah we’re okay with that

Sometimes people are so focused on finding the perfect partner when perfection doesn’t exist. There will always be something wrong, there will always be something to pick at, they will always have their head turned by the next person posing as the best, posing as the one.

Love isn’t perfect love is love, simply loving a person for who they are and allowing yourselves to grow with each other.

People change, you’re not perfect and neither are they but together you can both change for the better.

We shouldn’t compare our relationships to what others may have, what we see on tv or social media because it’s all perception. When you’re looking from the outside in you will never really know the truth, you will never know the battles they have faced, or mistakes they have made. You will never truly know, all you see is what they want you to see.

So if you find someone who makes you happy and you love them and they love you, then continue to do exactly that.. love them, give them your all. Don’t overthink it just act, do what makes you happy. Forget what others may think or who gets left behind or what didn’t work out before.

If you live in the past how can you truly enjoy your present. It’s all irrelevant, if you spend your life worrying about everyone else’s feelings in the long run you’re the one who will suffer.

Life is simple really. Do what makes you happy and do it unapologetically. The end.

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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