Life isn’t a mystery

Time warped we stay stuck on yesterday transfixed by tomorrow
Never really taking a minute to appreciate today, to bask in the moment, to stop and notice the noises around us
The different sounds and scents the different colours and shades

A world consumed by fear, worry and anxiety the resulting chemistry

There’s a science to life an art to living
Being alive doesn’t mean we’re living, so many walking dead
So many sleep walking into jobs they hate
Drifting through life awaiting their fate
Waiting for the almost inevitable
Pure joy almost inconceivable

The only way is to embrace the now
Embrace the moments understand there is no take two, there is no redo
One life and one life only
Worrying too much about the future can keep you stationary
Dwelling on the past for too long will only bring you misery

Life isn’t a mystery

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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