Hate me?! Love you. 

Hate is such a strong emotion. An emotion that serves no purpose. Hate breeds bitterness, it does not affect anyone other than you. 

Love your enemy and leave karma to do it’s thing. Karma will take care of everyone. I’ve felt karma, who can honestly say they haven’t. So don’t waste pointless energy on hating any individual. Don’t give them the satisfaction, all that negative energy you are giving out is only going to come back to you, it won’t touch them. What they are served is a result of their own actions not your pointless anger and resentment.

I’ve learnt this lesson. Now I choose to emit a different frequency, a frequency which brings back positive results regardless of another’s thoughts or emotions towards me.

“Do not let someone’s opinion of you become your reality” – Les Brown

When you realise you dictate what happens in your life you realise everything else is just small fish, there’s no need to sweat the small stuff.. therefore there’s no need to sweat anything.

Be on your game, get you energy up. Let go of the hate and express love. 

Love conquers all whilst hate, hate is like holding hot coal expecting to burn someone else. Drop it.

hate has caused alot if oroblems in the world but has not slved one yet -Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

5 thoughts on “Hate me?! Love you. 

  1. Truly enjoyed your post. I completely agree that love is the answer to all the problems that surrounds us. The world would be a much better place if we loved a little more. We all need to play our part and eventually it’ll spread like wildfire. The Les Brown quote was perfect too!

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