Winter Blues, Summer Lovers

rainy days
Photo Credit: Daily mail

Seasonal depression so many suffer
Winter blues, summer lovers
Lets make the most of the great weather
Shorts, sunglasses, twisters and cornettos
Sun today maybe rain tomorrow
It’s a real thing, seasonal depression so many suffer
In a country where cold rainy days out number the rays
What does that really say?

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Useful Info:

  1. NHS- Seasonal Affective Disorder

3 thoughts on “Winter Blues, Summer Lovers

  1. The idea of seasonal depression is interesting to me. I live in Florida where it’s primarily sunny and I did notice that when I return home to Chicago, or visit Seattle, then my mood changes. But I wonder if it’s possible for those, like you who live in so-called dreary weather to shift their mindsets, thus reversing any mood or depression? Just a wondering.

    1. I think it’s possible for those who are aware that our mindsets can change anything. A lot of the time people don’t even realise why they’re in a bad mood. I think the first thing is to make the association so you can then try and change your thought process in regards to the bad weather. We have to learn to bring our own sunshine to the thunderstorm.

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