Tough decisions, Revolving doors & Fear

Thought of the night..

If we’re unable to make the tough decisions in our lives and act upon them accordingly we find that we ending up plateauing. Making the hard decisions can help propel us to new heights. Sometimes we can not progress in life without making these decisions.

Have you ever wondered why it seems like you’re in a rut going round in circles not actually getting anywhere, this is probably the reason why. Same story different day, different month, different year. If we let it life can become this vicious cycle, a revolving door disguised by the lies we tell ourselves to justify our actions or in some cases lack of. We can be so blind to our own bs. Sometimes we get so caught up in our comfort zones.. it’s easy, it’s what we know, who really likes change anyway right? 

We have to develop a growth mindset, a mindset which is not afraid to make the hard decisions, a mindset fully aware, a mindset not governed by fear.

sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same thing

-Dionne MT-

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