Looking for a middle ground..

Living life in extreme states can be so tiring at times. I find it hard to find a middle ground when it comes to any and everything. I’m either really happy or really sad, I either care a lot or don’t give a damn. Hyper or calm, working hard or twiddling my fingers. Can’t stop talking or completely silent. I can give you so many examples. There just never seems to be an in between a middle ground.

Flickering between states rapidly within the day or even in the space of hours or minutes, if you don’t recognise what’s happening it can be so frustrating and can also be quite hard to understand. Once you recognise that you can be this way there’s no point beating yourself up about it. Sometimes I literally laugh at myself like seriously D 5 minutes ago you was demanding your money back saying you don’t want to jet ski for whatever reason that ticked you off, now you’re running along the beach with the biggest smile on your face screaming wait for me. My friend must have thought I was so crazy but luckily he knows me. Those who know you will know to just leave you to it, challenging this at times can only make the situation worse.

With all things being aware is the start, once you become aware you can consciously try to challenge it. I believe with practice you will find a middle ground. In some cases you may need a little extra help to balance things out but only you will know when that is the case.

Some will relate completely with this, some will understand from experience with friends, family or partners who are this way, but for other this may be hard to comprehend.

Whilst some seek fame & others seek money.. I’m just trying to find a middle ground between these extremes.

Looking for a middle ground
-Dionne MT-

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