Be Thankful For Now 

The only thing we can be sure of is the now, this present moment. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Once we accept our current situations we can start to truly enjoy it.

In life sometimes we spend too much time living in the past or dreaming about the future. When we do this it doesn’t allow us to enjoy the present. It’s only your actions in the present that can bring you to your future.

Be thankful for what you have now, how else will you receive what is for you in the future. Gratitude is the start and gratitude is the end. You may not have everything you want right now but be grateful for your current situation. What is for you will be yours, money, spouse, career anything. Believe that and exercise gratitude for your now.

Focus on giving off the best energy possible with a grateful heart and the universe will take care of everything else.

thankful for now 

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