Fake News Or Real News.. Who Knows?!

Fake news gone viral or real news denial
We see what we’re shown who’s to say what’s really real
Cut throat opinionated white coats churning out information
Nothing is ever coincidental, distraction after distraction
Mental incarceration without realising, trapped without force
We gobble up there lies willingly freely riding their course
Wake up wise up eyes open, I’ll guarantee you see’ll what’s really going on
Nothing is ever as it seems
I’m questioning everything 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release 


Anger & Rage

A man who does not get angry is a dangerous man. It is impossible to never feel anger, to never get angry is to suppress the emotion. Bottling things inside only ever leads to one outcome.. an explosion as the bottle can no longer take the pressure.

I understand now, the key is not about never allowing yourself to get angry, it’s recognising the emotion and releasing it in the right way to avoid an explosive build up. It’s not about releasing it on to someone else, as the cycle will just continue unless they themselves are aware enough to not bring about an reaction. It’s about responding to your anger, responding to your frustrations in the right way. 

An impulsive person doesn’t act from the conscious mind but the unconscious. 

They say stress can make you unwell and it’s true, it’s the same for anger. A build up of negative emotions eventually start to manifest into the physical in the form of various conditions. We have to learn how to release these negative feelings. Exercise, sing, write do anything to bring about a switch in your emotion, do whatever works for you. 

Our emotions do not have to control us to the point where we are being tossed around living in turmoil alongside our up and down emotions. Emotions can fluctuate from day to day hour to hour, emotions are feelings in motion we just have to learn how to navigate them. 

Certain emotions such as anger and sadness are not always a bad thing as long as we respond in the right way sometimes these feelings are trying to tell us something.

Possessed by your own unconscious repressed subconscious this is what we call rage. Anger should never turn into rage. Becoming aware of our emotions is the first step, responding in the right way is the second. 

-Dionne MT- 

Breathe Think Write Release 

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Be Present.. Live In The Now

A lot of the time we’re so focused on what’s happened in the past or what could possibly happen in the future that we forget about the now, the present moment.

Life is not the past or future it’s a sequence of never ending moments all called now. 

Focusing on that which we have no control over is futile.

Forget about yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow. Remember time is an illusion. What you do now is what’s important.

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release 

Reckless Living 

Laid out on a stretcher life flashing before my eyes
Deafening strikes of the clock signifying time is still on my side
Toes pointed to the ceiling staring in amusement mind asking why
Why me? Why not me? You are what you believe
Self fulfilling prophecy they say there’s always something wrong naively you agree
You signed your sentence, you sealed and delivered it
You believed it you lived it, you embraced and empowered it
Words have power thoughts have power but without true belief they’re powerless
To not enhance this power for my good is me living reckless

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Ignite your fire

Happiness is a state of mind another can enhance it but another can never create it. 

Happiness resides within all of us sometimes laying dormant awaiting to be awakened awaiting to be stirred. Once resurrected and recognition of self occurs one can never go back to being the same. 

When you understand that happiness begins with self, that happiness is something that comes from within created by the mindset we hold how can you ever look at life the same way. 

It’s impossible.

We all have a light within us, we just have to learn how to open up and let our light shine through. If it takes someone to bring your light out that’s okay but just understand the light was always there, all they did was ignite a fire that had been put out by life and the troubles and tribulations it can bring us.

This world can be a cold place at times, don’t let it dim your light or put out your fire.. regardless.

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release.