A Response Isn’t Always Needed.. Protect Your Peace

There’s a time and place for everything. 

We have to learn when our input is going to help a situation or make it worse. We have to learn to practice restraint at times. 

Self discipline is a must.

It’s easier to loose control and react to situations adrenaline filled no brain all emotion than to take time to assess a situation before responding. In the heat of the moment this is so hard but something that can be done with practice and awareness. We have to be able to spot our triggers, figure out what ticks us off.

Prevention is always better than cure. Some think silence equates to weakness when in reality it takes so much more strength to remain silent in the midst of a storm.

It’s also good to note that not every situation requires a reaction, have you ever thought for a moment that sometimes this is exactly what people want. Some want to provoke a reaction from you, get inside your mind and steal your peace. This is when having a discerning eye comes in handy. Not everything is always as it seems, peoples motives and intentions are not always clear. This is why we have to learn to rise above all the superficial petty stuff and not be moved by every blowing wind.

The erratic nature of our emotions can be so draining both physically and mentally.

Mental stability can be such a hard thing to achieve, the ability to be at peace and remain at peace regardless or what is going on around us but it is something we all should aim to achieve. 

Don’t let anybody or anything steal your peace. Life is too short.

Peace, Love & Positivity

-Dionne MT-

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Now We’re All Slaves.. Break Free

Free your mind break free from these man made chains
Don’t let them define you for too long we’ve been enslaved 

Robbed and whipped brainwashed slaves, now we’re being strangled and choked by politicians blowing smoke
Now everyone’s slaves, taking from the poor holding our heath hostage stealing hope from folks

Tying invisible ropes around communities 
They try to pigeon hole you control you, play on your insecurities 

But have faith, we’re starting to see we’re starting to believe
This is the year of conscious awakening I won’t follow the path they say is for me 
You shouldn’t either, it’s time to break free.

-Dionne MT-

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The light at the end of the runner is not an illusion the tunnel is Photo Source

Let Life Flow

At times we can be so blinded by the illusions we’ve created in our own mind that it stops us from seeing clearly. When this happens the best thing to do is strip it back and look at the facts. The facts do not lie, sometimes you have to face up to the facts and stop trying to manipulate them to suit the idea we’ve created.

When we force things they never work, it’s not the way the universe works. Everything is about vibrations, somethings will naturally vibrate towards each other.. the things that are for you and some will not. In other words if something is for you it will find you be it a job, a partner, a friend, a business opportunity anything and if it isn’t well it just won’t work. We can fight it all we want but going against nature never ends well. Take the job which is not for you, go somewhere you shouldn’t go and the results are always the same, it doesn’t end well. This is the law of the land. This is life. Depending on how you choose to look at it there’s a sense of peace that comes from this realisation. 

Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to and for this reason we must learn to just flow with it. Accept your now don’t fight against it, for the tomorrow you want start making the right choices today for you and you will get it. 

Don’t force life, just flow with it.

-Dionne MT-

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Just let things happen. Let life flow. Don't force itPhoto Source

What if.. What if we stopped what ifing??

What ifs, what could and what should be 
Do they keep you awake at night wondering
Imagining all the eventualities 
Possible casualties, best case worse case scenario predictability 
In the end we always choose simplicity, not realising everything is temporary even complexity 
The good times end the bad times end
Cycle of life, happy sad fall rise break mend 
Live in the moment of today tomorrow is not here 
Expectations raise hopes overthinking plays on your fears 
Worrying about what you can’t control will drive you insane
Be at peace with your now, stay present stay sane

-Dionne MT-

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Stay sane

High Voltage Thought Processing..

There are moments when my mind feels like it’s been nullified 
Like a computer trying to load with its circuit boards fried
Is that because I’m trying to separate the truth from the lies
Or is it because I’m trying to find answers to my whys

Trying to live in the space between thinker and observer
Outside looking in my conscious level is the observer

Don’t come any closer, step forward at your own risk 
High voltage thought processing, trying to understand not just get the gist
A complete mind shift, repatterining balancing energies
Staring out to a void space changing frequencies  

Inhaling the present try to raise your vibrations daily
Once you become aware you can not look back and live truthly 

Observing the thinker taking full control
Mind control, seeking moments of complete stillness 
Total awareness 

-Dionne MT-

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