Judge & Jury

I am my biggest critique, me myself and I judge and jury I need no one to tell me my faults or wrong doings I see clearly my mind is engaged, I’m fully aware of what I’m doing Does that make it worse or does that make it better To know but still choose not … Continue reading Judge & Jury


Friday night musings.. Power

Until we grasp the full sense of the power we hold within ourselves, we will never truly understand what we are capable of. It’s in each and everyone of us, the power of God, the power of the universe, whatever power it is you want to call upon, if you truly believe in it you … Continue reading Friday night musings.. Power

What type of person are you?! Life is about choices..

Recently I’ve been at a little crossroad trying to figure a few things out, this morning I sat here trying to justify why I was making such bad decisions and I just started laughing to myself because firstly I sounded like a scratched record “I’ll do it tomorrow” and secondly I just thought wow D … Continue reading What type of person are you?! Life is about choices..

Fake News Or Real News.. Who Knows?!

Fake news gone viral or real news denial We see what we’re shown who’s to say what’s really real Cut throat opinionated white coats churning out information Nothing is ever coincidental, distraction after distraction Mental incarceration without realising, trapped without force We gobble up there lies willingly freely riding their course Wake up wise up … Continue reading Fake News Or Real News.. Who Knows?!