Are We Products of Our Environment?


You decide which direction to take in yiur life

Yes it’s true we are products of our environment, but at the same time this doesn’t necessarily mean the end product does it? NO, our environment doesn’t have to define where we end up in the future.

You can’t choose what family you are born into, what area you lived in, what type of education you got or what type of people or opportunities you were exposed to.

Our parents.. our childhood give us our baseline values and beliefs. These are the things we were taught and shown as a child. Most people are the way they are due to how they were raised, follow a particular religion because that’s all they’ve ever know. Our early years play a major role in our life. 

This does not have to define us though. As you get older you begin to realise you have a choice in how you live your life. For example; many people from poor possibly uneducated backgrounds, have gone on to achieve great things when society said they couldn’t.

These people realised they had a choice.

We all have a choice; we can choose to accept our circumstances, we can choose to believe something blindly because this is just what we’ve been taught or we can choose to do the total opposite. We can make the choice to question things, change our values and beliefs if they do not serve us for the good, why must you just accept that people from your background do not go to university or are only suitable to do certain jobs. Why can you not start your own company? Why can’t you travel the world? Why? Why? Why not?

As you become more aware in life you begin to ask more questions? You begin to challenge things.

Regardless of your situation or upbringing we shouldn’t put limits on our lives, by putting a limit on your life will that not be the reason why you don’t try. Those who believe their life has no limit will take chances, will try new things and will push themselves enabling them to inevitably achieve great things

Everything in life involves making a choice. Make the choice to believe that regardless of how you begin life, the way you live and the person you become is determined by you. Make the choice to seek out new opportunities and surround yourself with good people.

I’m choosing life. I’m choosing to believe anything is possible.

What are you choosing?

Are you choosing to settle?

-Dionne MT-

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