Be Present.. Live In The Now

A lot of the time we’re so focused on what’s happened in the past or what could possibly happen in the future that we forget about the now, the present moment.

Life is not the past or future it’s a sequence of never ending moments all called now. 

Focusing on that which we have no control over is futile.

Forget about yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow. Remember time is an illusion. What you do now is what’s important.

-Dionne MT-

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Are You Infecting Or Being Infected?!

Energy is everything. Vibrate higher
Sometimes we have to adjust the settings and realign our minds. It’s so easy to go off track or get distracted by life. 

Sometimes we feed our energy into the wrong things. There are some situations we’re going to face in our life where we have to learn not to feed into them. 

Energy is contagious, we’re either infecting or being infected depending on the power of the energy in question.

If someone’s negative energy is overpowering your good vibes it’s means you have to vibrate higher, you have to rise above it, engage a new mindset, tune into a different frequency where you can not be affected.

Energy is everything.

-Dionne MT-

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In The A.M

Late night deep thoughts stubbornness in the flesh
Wounds cut deep blood stained sheets
Frozen tear ducts 1am venting
Soaked tissues 2am grieving 
3am healing perplexed by feelings
Fasicinated jaws drop eyes barely open 
Street lights flicker no expectations
Heavy eyes dark shadows hiding in the grey
Pulled back and fourth twisted plots mind affray 

-Dionne MT-

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Afternoon musings: Don’t overcomplicate life..

Don’t overcomplicate life, do the things you want to do. Time waits for no one this is why it’s important to live in the moment doing whatever you want to do, doing whatever makes you happy. 

We have a tendency to look out for everyone but ourselves at times, we do things to appease others, not to upset others and in the end it is us ourselves who actually suffer. 

It’s time to stop it’s time to start thinking about your own happiness for once. In the long run this stance will have a more positive effect on those in your life. When we do things we don’t actually want to do we do them half heartedly. We should tackle life with our full self. 

Life is for living not half living

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release