Dust Yourself Off And Try Again

Until we’ve learnt the lessons intended for us we will always continue to make the same mistakes, we’ll always end up in the same sticky situations.

Life isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be, we’re given free will to choose the direction we’d like our life to go in, we’re given the choice in how we respond to the problems we face. Nothing is set in stone, no one can make you do or say things you don’t want to. Every word, every action comes from a choice we’ve made. This precise moment you are living is a result of a decision you made previously.

It’s so easy to blame things on other people or the world we live in. So many live with a woe is me mentality. We complain life is hard, we practically complain about everything but the ones continually complaining are the ones who are not willing to make the hard decisions or put in the hard word instead they expect things to be handed to them, we expect to one day have a miraculous change when in fact we must take action. 

How can you compare yourself to someone not knowing their story not knowing what they’ve done to be where they are, do you know the blood,tears and sweat they’ve shed to overcome what they have or do you just see and assume it came easy.

Life is really simple. Go after what you want in life. If you make mistakes learn from it and try again. You can’t knock a trier 

-Dionne MT-

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Snap Crackle Pop

Skiing white slopes swinging from trees seeking the next high
Seeking the next buzz never to be fulfilled
Always seeking the next seeking the best
Appetites never satisfied thirst never quenched 

A desire to have more a desire to feel more
A desire to do more a desire to be more
Never enough, please sir can I have some more
There is more but what if there was no more?

Can we not be grateful for now whilst still yearning for higher highs 
Can we not appreciate all we have whilst looking for greener trees and bigger gains
Spontaneity where no two days are the same, where people laugh when it rains
Where no one suffers in vain better yet a world free from pain

Some say this is wishful thinking some dream world living
I say if I can see it and believe it then it’s great planning 
Orchestrating aligning the dots, matching the snap with the crackle the crackle with the pop

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Gratitude changes everything

Chewed Up & Spat Out

Blood suckers sucking till there’s nothing left
Stealing from your soul so brazenly we can’t even call it theft

No skin off nose, I’ve seen friends turn foe
I’ve had demons in my bed, devils play with my head 

I’ve been chewed up and spat out, left in the cold
I’ve had users call me brother but when shit gets real they fold

No holes barred when you’re at your lowest loosing your mind, you’ll see who’s got you and who’s around just to have a good time

They’ll dance with you in the club neck shots with you at the bar
But these words no action folks won’t be there to help pick up the pieces when you’ve taken it too far

I’ve been used mislead treated like I was dead, by a few fake friends who wanted my head 

They’ll laugh at your downfall kick you when you’re down, they’ll even rub salt in your wounds
They’ll spread propaganda they’ll try and tarnish your name like fake news

But I truly thank you, i’m so grateful now I can differentiate between what’s fake and true 

My circle decreased in size but increased in quality, real friends real love
They’ll pick you up when you’re down correct you when your wrong go beyond and above

They want to see you win because when you lose they lose
Through thick and thin the good times the bad and the ugly, real recognise real you can’t pick and choose


People wonder why I’m so happy why I’m so grateful for the friends and family I have in my life. Why my friends are my family and my family are my friends. Why I’d do anything for those I love.
They’ve seen me at my worse, but they stuck by me. They loved me enough to know my mistakes do not define me. 

They saw me for me. 

Sometimes you have to look back at the dark times to really appreciate how far you’ve come. To be grateful for where you are and where you no longer are.

In life we meet people who match the mindset we have at that stage of our life, as you grow and your mindset changes they can not come with you unless they too are willing to grow. At the time you may be hurt and not understand but as the years go by and they become a distant memory you realise why they couldn’t come with you. 

Be grateful for the lessons, be sorry for any hurt you caused, forgive any wrongs against you but never regret a day. 

Life is a learning curve. You live and you learn.

-Dionne MT-

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Enjoy the moments

Croatia: 15th July 2017
Living in the moment is the best feeling in the world. The feeling where nothing matters just that present moment and those in it. There’s a freedom to life when you stop worrying, stop caring about what other people think or being swayed by the opinions of others, opinions which in fact are actually irrelevant. We have to remember an opinion is something an individual has a right to have but that’s all it is; an opinion, not fact and definitely not something that you have to make your reality. 

To live in the moment for me is to live for yourself, it’s doing whatever makes you happy. Sometimes we overthink life so much we fail to enjoy it, we spend so much time stressing about pointless stuff when there is a whole world out there filled with endless opportunities. 

Life is about being happy, spreading love and loving to the fullest without any limits.

The moment you actually allow yourself to be happy by releasing all things taking away from your happiness is the moment you open yourself up to love everyone, if you love the world the world will love you back. 

I’ve seen with my own eyes the pulling power of happiness, the magnetism of a smile, it has the power to change everything. Your reality around you adapts to the energy you yourself are giving off. If you’re miserable and stressing about silly things you will get more of this, you will be surrounded by miserable stressful situations. If you are happy giving of love this is what will be drawn to you.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, be happy and live in the moment. The saying life is what you make it has never been more correct, you are in control of life, you can choose to do whatever makes you happy.

Realise deeply the present moment is all you ever have

-Dionne MT-

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What Do You Believe In?

Why do we question what other people believe in rather than focus on what we believe? Is it because those who do that do not believe in something with unwathering doubt, is it because they have not found a cause to fight for so they try to disrupt others beliefs to bring them into the same confused state they may be in. 

Everyone has the right to believe whatever that want, no matter how far away it may be from your own views or morals. 

Believing in something gives some people hope, something to focus on. In a world filled with so much hate and anger why shouldn’t we allow people to believe in whatever makes them happy, whatever allows them to keep going each day.

I say aslong as it doesn’t cause anyone harm believe whatever you want, believe it with all your heart and don’t let anyone sway you. 

-Dionne MT-

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