Letting go, Choosing you

When we hold on to anger, when we allow our past to make us bitter we block our blessings. How can you be blessed when giving of such negative energy. We have to process our anger. What is it about said situation that makes us angry, what are the facts, process it then move forward … Continue reading Letting go, Choosing you


What type of person are you?! Life is about choices..

Recently I’ve been at a little crossroad trying to figure a few things out, this morning I sat here trying to justify why I was making such bad decisions and I just started laughing to myself because firstly I sounded like a scratched record “I’ll do it tomorrow” and secondly I just thought wow D … Continue reading What type of person are you?! Life is about choices..

No more lies, No more excuses

A point comes when you no longer have any excuses to tell yourself, all the reasons you use to justify why you haven’t started a certain project or given up that annoying bad habit eventually run out. You can lie to everyone around you, you can even lie to yourself for awhile but after awhile … Continue reading No more lies, No more excuses

Opportunities, Fear & Patience

Some opportunities don’t come around everyday so when they do appear we have to be ready and willing to take it.  There is never going to be a perfect time to start something new only the time you make. So many times in our life we talk about wanting more, wanting to be more but … Continue reading Opportunities, Fear & Patience