Living In The Now.. The Simple Life

Life is about enjoying the moments, enjoying every single moment to the max.

Why waste pointless time and energy on unproductive thoughts and behaviours, things that do not bring us any joy. Why? Why torment ourselves with memories better left where they are, in the past.

Regrets, past loves, loss, heartbreak and heartache.. most can relate to this. As harsh as it sounds but unless you are thinking happy thoughts, things that evoke a good feeling inside don’t do it to yourself. We can’t sit dwelling on these things when it adds nothing to our life by doing so. We all do it, we all have our moments and those who don’t have such moments.. I salute you, I’d love to meet you to unravel your brain and find out how you do what you do.

The moment we wake yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come. So why not just live in the moment. Today, The now! Every single moment is waiting to be enjoyed, an escasty of pleasure awaits us every single day.. If we want. 

Worry less, let it all go, let yourself go, let the pain go, whatever it is.. just let it go. Just enjoy life, live in the moment for the moments, that’s what I’ve realised. I think the moment you do that is the moment you’re free, free from the mental slavery.. free from all the bs. You see above it all, all the superficial stuff. If there was a matrix, you are not in it. Freedom. The system doesn’t play you, you play the system, you are the system. You’re in control.

Life is as simple or as complicated as we make it.

-Dionne MT-

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7 thoughts on “Living In The Now.. The Simple Life

  1. Such a good reminder to just be here and now and live in the present moment. Thank you! 🙂

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