What’s holding you back? Removing limitations


Removing limitations

Are we our own downfalls? Are we setting the bar too low in our lives? 

There are so many times we limit ourselves because of a lack of belief or because we’ve been trained to believe a limit actually exists, when actually the only limits are the limits we set ourselves. 

So many of us have been brought up in a way where we’ve seen a lot of making do, living month to month. We see this as life; go to work, pay bills, throw in some fun nights out and then wait for the next pay check. It’s a vicious cycle. Is there not more to life? 

Why are we so afraid to push ourselves? It’s that fear of failure what keeps us in this cycle. We remain in our comfort zones because it’s the easy option, it requires the least work with an outcome that as a society we’ve deemed to be ok… A roof over our heads and our bills paid. The damage was done long before we started living this life, it’s all we know right? 

Think about some of the most successful people you know. These are the folks who believe anything is possible, these are the folks who see that there is indeed more to life. If they fail they start again.

What would you rather do, set a low target and reach it easily or fall just short of a high target? 

Reaching a low target easily is not winning and falling short of your high target is not loosing.

We underachieve constantly simply because we didn’t believe, so we didn’t try.

We have to learn how to remove the limits we place in our lives, any and everything is possible. There’s no such thing as I can’t so instead of living in doubt let’s live in hope, hope for more. Let’s aim high and encourage each other to keep pushing on.

There is more to life, the sky doesn’t have to be the limit.

-Dionnr MT-

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