There’s a difference between love and attachment

Love and attachment are so often confused and mistaken for one another. Too the naked eye they look very similar and to the unknowing they can even feel the same. The truth is love and attachment are very different. Love is something given freely with nothing wanted in return. Love is unconditional it does not … Continue reading There’s a difference between love and attachment

“I can’t believe you still live at home”

Sometimes we have to put things into perspective. We can’t judge our achievements according to the achievements of others. Someone said to me the other day “I can’t believe you still live at home with your mum” and I just laughed because I thought to myself life really is all about perspective. I could have … Continue reading “I can’t believe you still live at home”

Real life no filter

Sometimes I feel so defeated Deaf by words drowned in thought Is the constant pressure really needed but still we feed it, we pressure ourselves Why are we so hard on ourselves Is it money, is it status is it clothes or maybe a car we don’t need Playing a game we don’t need to … Continue reading Real life no filter

What’s poetry?!

When some think of poetry they think of perfectly matched words rhyming together or beautiful metaphors describing ones love like a ocean, so deep When I think of poetry.. I think of pain I think of pleasure, I think of emotions and feelings stripped bare for all to see I think of vulnerability, I think … Continue reading What’s poetry?!

Letting go, Choosing you

When we hold on to anger, when we allow our past to make us bitter we block our blessings. How can you be blessed when giving of such negative energy. We have to process our anger. What is it about said situation that makes us angry, what are the facts, process it then move forward … Continue reading Letting go, Choosing you