Letting go, Choosing you

When we hold on to anger, when we allow our past to make us bitter we block our blessings. How can you be blessed when giving of such negative energy. We have to process our anger. What is it about said situation that makes us angry, what are the facts, process it then move forward as all it does is weigh you down both knowingly and unknowingly.

Most of our anger is deep rooted, so deep rooted that unearthing it can sometimes bring more pain before we can heal. The main thing is dealing with it and then making a conscious decision to move forward, moving forward does not mean reverting back to it at every given chance, once you move forward that is it.

When you make the decision to let go of your anger and past pains you make a decision to protect your energy and put yourself first, this is not about them or the situation it’s about you.

Most people spend their lives putting other people first, be it their feelings or their needs. When do you start choosing you?

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Don’t forget your past, process it

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