Welcome to Breathe Think Write Release, this blog is where I share my deepest thoughts and poetry.

Writing is something I have always done, it’s my way of painting a picture. I write to release, I write so people can relate or appreciate another person perspective. I write to open eyes, I write to reveal lies. I don’t just want to write what is easy, I want to write what’s raw to touch, I want to touch nerves and ruffle feathers allowing us all to search our souls and open a dialogue with ourselves and others.

If I can use my writing to allow one person to see it’s ok to be different I’ll be happy. If I could show one person that someone else has been exactly where they are, that they’re not alone, that they can change, that they can overcome anything I’d also be happy with that. This is a positive space for everyone so please feel free to engage in conversations in the comment section.

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release.