We fall, we trip, we stumble

Regain focus get your priorities in check
Its your life to live or it’s your life to wreck
Life is what you make it
Many fake it until they break it
So many living a lie
They’ve given up, they no longer try

The lies we tell ourselves, yeah I’m ok yeah I’m fine
Dodging bullets tread carefully, beware of the mines
Lifes obstacles, put there to allow growth and progression
We close our eyes and choose regression, we walk blindly in oppression

Oppressed by the system, so many have been set up to fall
We fall, we trip, we stumble
But we all have a choice to rise, dust of the dirt and rubble

We are our choices, choose wisely it’s never to late
It’s never too late to stand up
The decisions is yours, I choose not to give up

Breathe Think Write Release 

2 thoughts on “We fall, we trip, we stumble

  1. These are powerful words. Must admit sometimes when I stumble it’s hard to get up, but I always do, so I’d like to think that, like the quote says, it can only make us stronger.

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