Fight Talk…

Look in the mirror and tell yourself.. It’s your life, your actions, your mistakes, your repercussions. In life we can’t have any regrets. We can’t run from who we are, we have to face up to ourselves.. be bold in our convictions. We make the same mistakes over and over again. It’s a cycle that … Continue reading Fight Talk…

Mistakes, Mindset & Growth

It is only when we change our mindset that we achieve true personal growth. It’s very easy to talk the talk but if our talk doesn’t translate into tangible actions, our talk is worthless. If you still respond to situations the same way you did ten, five even one year ago can you really say … Continue reading Mistakes, Mindset & Growth

Chewed Up & Spat Out

Blood suckers sucking till there's nothing left Stealing from your soul so brazenly we can't even call it theft No skin off nose, I've seen friends turn foe I've had demons in my bed, devils play with my head  I've been chewed up and spat out, left in the cold I've had users call me … Continue reading Chewed Up & Spat Out

Do Not be Defined by Your Past. Change Your Future

Socrates got this spot. All these great minds of past knew the secret. It was there for every ordinary man and woman to see and know. The difference between then and now is these great minds didn't spoon feed the masses. They spoke fourth in riddles, only a select few could decipher. We're living in … Continue reading Do Not be Defined by Your Past. Change Your Future

We fall, we trip, we stumble

  Regain focus get your priorities in check Its your life to live or it's your life to wreck Life is what you make it Many fake it until they break it So many living a lie They've given up, they no longer try The lies we tell ourselves, yeah I'm ok yeah I'm fine … Continue reading We fall, we trip, we stumble