Weakness To Strength: Mistakes

   There comes a point in our life, when we must actually learn from our mistakes.We sometimes cover up our mistakes by saying things such as, you live and you learn.. but without actually learning anything. If we're continuously making the same mistakes over and over again, what have we really learnt?  We can not … Continue reading Weakness To Strength: Mistakes

No U-turns

Wrong turns, driving down a one way road Where does this road lead I look in my rear view mirror.. Dirt tracks in my rear I'm getting closer, my destination is becoming clear The days become clearer, night sky's more bright No u-turns, At the end of the tunnel there is light I look within … Continue reading No U-turns

There is hope..

We got a few folks still living a lie, believing the lie.They lie about who they are, they lie about what they stand for. The realest stand up and tell the truth, the realest will take what comes next. Regardless. Stand up. We must face up to our problems. I spent years running from mine, … Continue reading There is hope..

Technology. Times have changed..

When was the last time I put pen to paper? Autopilot I text write..converted by technology But technology.. is this such a bad thing? Days of past before phones, before emails, generations waited weeks for an apology Waiting on their letter to arrive Could this generation survive? Instant communication, we live in a constant state of … Continue reading Technology. Times have changed..