So many lost chapters pages filled with pain, pages filled with grieve, anguish and anger.. either lost or thrown away

Now I keep everything, every word I write every page I fill, emotions spilled with no remorse, no second thoughts about who may be triggered or offended

They say if the shoe fits then wear it
So many squeezing toes into shoes that don’t fit faking lives they don’t live
Whilst there’s people living on the breadline struggling to merely exist

Disconnected from a world that will chew you up and spit you out in a flash
A world more concerned with image and material things
Looking the part instead of being the part

Envious eyes belittling great minds
Great minds consumed by ego and pride

The result a world filled with anger and hate
Instead of coming together so many fight against their brothers and shame their sisters
What you don’t realise is we’re all in this together
It’s our world, only we can make it better

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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