Dating.. Step 1

So many enter the dating world demanding I want this type of person, I want that kind of person, they set so many prerequisites that automatically exclude people who may be a perfect match for them.

We can’t always meet the finished product, as humans are we not constantly changing and evolving.. in most cases for the better. If you’re constantly searching for the perfect man or woman you will come up short each and every time because unfortunately this person doesn’t exist. We’re all a working progress, no one is perfect.

Find someone who you connect with, someone you are drawn to and then you can grow together. Inspire each other to be better, there is so much more pleasure in looking back and seeing how far you’ve both come. Instead most want to start with the finished product and then watch as the years go by and this persons perfect persona slowly fades. The thing is this person hasn’t actually changed, In most cases the veil covering the fake image they portrayed to get you has simply slipped and they are now being their true self.

You can wrap up bad energy or an ugly personality in expensive clothes, sweet talk and quick one liners but eventually as time passes, as you dig deeper and the layers start to peel away you will get to what’s really inside. A persons true self will always come out in the end.

Your physical appearance may attract them but it’s your energy that will keep them.

When you’re dating the best thing you can do in the beginning is just be yourself.

-Dionne MT-

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