Relationships are like flowers..

Relationships are like flowers, if you do not water them they will not grow. They take constant work and pruning, the moment you decide to sit back and get comfortable is the moment you start to starve your relationship of the vital ingredients it needs to grow and flourish.

As a society we’ve almost accepted the theory that all relationships go through a honeymoon period where everything is all loved up and nice. After this period has passed we then think it’s acceptable to settle into a mundane mediocre relationship and write off the good times in the beginning simply as the ‘honeymoon period’.

Why can’t the honeymoon period last for a lifetime? The answer is it can, we choose to stop putting in work, we choose to stop whispering sweet nothings and surprise gift giving, we choose to get complacent. The moment I realised the honeymoon period doesn’t have to end was the moment I felt so excited by life, the possibilities are endless, it was the moment I stopped feeling anxious about the future.

Living in the moment isn’t about doing silly things in the now and not thinking of the consequences for tomorrow. For me, living in the moment it’s about being completely present in that exact moment and embracing it fully. It’s giving your attention to that moment and those in it, nothing else matters. It’s not worrying about tomorrow but giving your all to today.

These days relationships don’t last because people are not willing to sustain this so called honeymoon period. They jump from one partner to the next searching for perfection, searching for a trill when all you have to do is find that someone who you truly love, someone who makes you just as happy as you make them and then stick with them, through the good and bad times.

The butterflies can last forever if you want them to. Your love can continue to grow if you want it to. It’s about you and your partners mindset, it’s about realising life is what we make it, it’s about deciding you want to be happy everyday and make those in your life just as happy. It’s putting your energy into the right things, things that are fruitful, things that bring you joy.

Doing anything else is just a waste of energy.

Relationships are like flowers, water your garden, feed it and watch it grow.

-Dionne MT-

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