Love lost never..

Love lost never We close the door We block the connection We dodge, we dive.. but once conjured it can not be confined Pain you’ll never be deprived Memories like ghost we sacrifice uncertainty for security, lust for love We mistake caring for lack of trust Possessiveness for being in love -Dionne MT- Breathe Think … Continue reading Love lost never..

Relationships are like flowers..

Relationships are like flowers, if you do not water them they will not grow. They take constant work and pruning, the moment you decide to sit back and get comfortable is the moment you start to starve your relationship of the vital ingredients it needs to grow and flourish. As a society we’ve almost accepted … Continue reading Relationships are like flowers..

Life is happening whether we like it or not.

You can not press pause on life. Mid life crisis, breakups, pregnancies, redundancies the camera is still rolling regardless of the hurdles we may face. Life does not stop. After breaking up with a partner you usually go through a period where you decide you want to be single for a variety of reasons. There's … Continue reading Life is happening whether we like it or not.

Don’t Settle. You deserve butterflies 

It can be very hard to meet someone who truly gets you. Someone who embraces your quirks. Many are attracted to the physical but will not take the time to know and actually understand you.  Relationships these days don't seem to last because what you find is, you have two people who find each other … Continue reading Don’t Settle. You deserve butterflies 

The penny drops.. Breakups

Every time you go through a break up, a point comes when you start reevaluating your life. All that time lost, what was the point? What does my future hold? What do I want from life? I surely can't do this again What now? It's so funny how a relationship can define your life. We … Continue reading The penny drops.. Breakups