Young lost souls we were

The sound of the rain on my roof
The cold snap, visions of snowy slopes
Nostalgic feelings, suppressed memories
The coldest winter ever
Trying not to remember

Visions of you shatter in the ice cold air
My ghosts of yesteryear, my minds skeletons
Reminders of my immaturity, anxiety and insecurities
Not knowing what I know now
Young lost souls we were.. searching for self
The confusion, conflicting emotions, a living illusion nightly delusions

How can you give your true self if you do not know yourself
Instead we present created images
Photoshopped, cropped and cut out
We mould ourselves into who we think we should be
We mould ourselves into who they want us to be
Instead of finding our true selves instead of developing naturally

We spend years hurting, causing pain, almost searching in vain
The only real thing they really knew was your name or was it your head game..
What a shame, surprise surprise years of true lies
But it’s all part of life’s game, it’s all part of the learning curve we’re travelling
Sometimes straight sailing other times circling but always moving and for some.. continuously learning

Young lost souls we were

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

2 thoughts on “Young lost souls we were

  1. D do you have an app? Caz I read your words when they come through on my email but what would be great too is an app… idk just thinking out loud. As I usually think it then get reading then do something else

    Roch x


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