Why should you?

Why should we down play our happiness just to make others feel comfortable? Why should we down play our achievements so we’re not seen to be rubbing it in other people’s noses. The truth is we shouldn’t, I believe there is a way in which you can do things which doesn’t come across as arrogant and at the same time maintains your sense of humility.

We should feel comfortable to share our achievements and happiness with those around us. If you have the right circle you will not have to worry because they will celebrate your success and generally be happy for you when you win. That is how it should be. If you constantly have to downplay everything to make those around you feel comfortable, trust me the problem isn’t you.

Why should another persons happiness or success make someone feel uncomfortable, the issue is with the person who feels this way. If you can’t celebrate your friends success and genuinely be happy for them you have to ask yourself why not, you have to look within and try to understand what makes you feel this way. Jealousy is never a good look and will only block you from your blessings in the long run.

We should use those around us to inspire us, when your friends win be happy for them. Encourage each other to do better and be better instead of slyly envying them. We all have something to give, your circle should be filled with people who are continuously pushing to better themselves in some way or another. This doesn’t necessarily mean have the best job in the world it doesn’t have to be financial, there are so many other ways, personal growth, are you actually a nice person, spiritually, are you aware of self, society, the environment.. this is just a few things.

There are so many ways but for me the main thing is about being the best version of yourself. A version who doesn’t constantly hit the self destruct button, a person who does good to those around them, a person who oozes love.

We are all different and unique in our own special way. Never dim your light. Be your amazing self and share your happiness with the world.

Stay shining.

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Why should I downplay my happiness? Why should I downplay my achievements? Never dim your light

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