Looking for love?! Look No further..


We must learn to love ourselves before we can love another.
This is a well known fact now.
Knowing our self worth is so important.

So many times in our life we search for a partner, someone to love us, someone to make us happy. We walk into relationships searching for someone to complete us.

We come with our baggage, we come with our expectations and with all these needs. We come and unsurprisingly we eventually have to leave.

Should we not be going into a relationship already happy, already whole. Should a partner not bring additional joy to your life, not the only joy.

At times we get into relationships, two broken beings feeding of each other’s soul. Two stagnant souls you’ll be, stuck in a rut trying to fix each other.

Instead we should focus on being happy whilst single. When alone; this is the time to learn to love yourself, learn to respect yourself, find out what makes you happy, be happy, motivate yourself, dream big, get out of the bed in the morning for yourself. Focus on being the best you.

If you do this, you will not worry about being single, you will not worry about finding a suitable partner. You will understand there is no need to worry.

When you both do unite, you will help elevate each other to the next levels in your lives. You will enhance each other’s happiness. You will build together, you will inspire each other.

Does this mean we have to be perfect before we enter a relationship? No not at all. We just need to love ourselves.

It sounds so basic, but sometimes we don’t realise we don’t love ourselves, until we start loving ourselves.

-Dionne MT-

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Passing Thoughts: Choices, Hopes & Fear

May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears. Nelson Mandela

I stumbled upon this quote a few days ago and at the time I copied it into my notes without giving it much thought. It just hit me.

Looking back at some of the choices I’ve made in my life, I can honestly say the decisions I’ve made were based on fear. I chose to do that because I was afraid of this, I chose this because I was afraid of that and so on. This quote speaks volumes to me. The choices we make should reflect our hopes not our fears. To live in fear is to not live. I personally think It’s a life filled with what ifs and regret.

We may not be able to undo some of these choices as in some cases it may be too late but we can ensure any choices we make from here on out reflect our hopes as Mr Mandela states. 

-Dionne MT-

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Broken Families Creating Broken Children.. Life is too short

Life is too short.

Life is too short to hold on to grudges and past pains. Life is too short not to forgive and move on.  

Sometimes we have to put things into perspective, a time must come when we realise that holding onto to such heavy baggage does us no good, all it does is weigh us down. Sometimes we hold on to these past events for so long that we feel like it’s too late to let them go, we feel like we must continue when in facts it’s never too late. We form our own explanations of events replaying them feeding into the negative energy associated with them. 

Life is too short, tomorrow is not promised. It makes me sad to see family members not talking, new generations growing up with out knowing where they have come from. We can not keep repeating the mistakes of past generations, broken families creating broken children, children who grow up angry with unanswered questions. Mothers with holding access to children to spite the father but damaging only the child. You may think you are doing the right thing and that you are justified in your anger but at what point do you think of the child. This child may not understand right now but they will grow up and question things. They may not voice these questions to you but they will ask themselves these questions and formulate their own answers to enable them to be ok.

We hear people speaking of grown adults having “daddy issues” this is a real thing. Your childhood can have a massive impact on your adult life. Unresolved issues will always resurface in some shape or form. 

Brothers and sister not knowing each other, aunties and uncles not knowing their nieces and nephews, cousins walking past each other oblivious to their connection. Broken families. It’s never to late to repair. Love conquers all things.

Life is too short, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Whatever has happened in the past try and find a way to let it go. Find a way to forgive and move on if not for anyone, for your own sake. When you allow such things to fester you can become this bitter angry person almost resenting the world, making life so much more harder for yourself. Ask yourself this, what have you got to loose? Nothing, all you can do is gain. 

Life is too short, forgive today, love today, live today. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

-Dionne MT-

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Life is too short. Forgive and let go. Tomorrow is not guaranteed

Releasing.. Meltdown preventing 

A pain so insane my core temperature is constantly rising
Sometimes I don’t even understand how I’m really surviving
My pain threshold will deceive you
The way I smile to get through
The way I keep going will mislead you
To drown in self pity is the day I’ll rue
Chronic pain orthopaedic sufferers I see you, I feel your pain
Honestly this road is so hard to understand unless you’ve driven in this lane
5am is fast approaching, im not complaining I’m releasing
Meltdown preventing I’d rather be sleeping, my strengths I’m remembering
All that I need to overcome my situation is already within me
We’re only given what we can handle is what I truly believe

-Dionne MT-

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Everything you need is already inside you

It’s a new age… It’s the return of the real

He asked me if I was a rapper or a singer
I replied.. I’m a writer I’m a lyricist 
Conscious living realest 
Cold summers hot winters, living in hard times 
Still breaking bread with mine
Still saving tax free for mine.. low interest fixed time 
So many living on the breadline 
Treading water heads barely above the poverty line
A line we struggle to define..
Heavy breathing bills pilling stress mounting pill popping, striving whilst surviving 
Sleeping with demons committing crimes
No filter real times
Let me lay it bare let my soul implode, stripe back raw feelings
Corrupted and manipulated we all need healing
Free me from me, free she free he
Mentally chained by society by what we see and believe 
Speak your truth boldly no shame, shout it out loud 
Black lives matter fighting to be heard in white crowds 
Begging and pleading can you feel our pain
Snakes and ladders like life’s a game

Up and down we go
Round and round we spin
No Russian roulette in it for the win
Third eye vision, eyes wide open around here
No longer living in fear
More and more are becoming aware 
There’s no time to sit scroll and stare
wondering what if 
It’s all a lie, photoshopped cropped and edited 
It’s all superficial do it for the gram material, but rise up we will
gods and goddesses It’s a new age, it’s the return of the real

-Dionne MT-

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Your Only Competition Is You

Comparing with your neighbour
Competing with fake fads and insta
I have no desire
No desire but to aspire to be greater 
To be greater than no other
No other but myself 
Peace love positivity and good health
Is all I require 
Life is not a competition
Oscillating wins and loses repetition
Realisation equals only win win situations 
Your only competition is you
It’s impossible to loose

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Your only competition is youPhoto Credit: Ironfitgym.com