Looking for love?! Look No further..

We must learn to love ourselves before we can love another.
This is a well known fact now.
Knowing our self worth is so important.

So many times in our life we search for a partner, someone to love us, someone to make us happy. We walk into relationships searching for someone to complete us.

We come with our baggage, we come with our expectations and with all these needs. We come and unsurprisingly we eventually have to leave.

Should we not be going into a relationship already happy, already whole. Should a partner not bring additional joy to your life, not the only joy.

At times we get into relationships, two broken beings feeding of each other’s soul. Two stagnant souls you’ll be, stuck in a rut trying to fix each other.

Instead we should focus on being happy whilst single. When alone; this is the time to learn to love yourself, learn to respect yourself, find out what makes you happy, be happy, motivate yourself, dream big, get out of the bed in the morning for yourself. Focus on being the best you.

If you do this, you will not worry about being single, you will not worry about finding a suitable partner. You will understand there is no need to worry.

When you both do unite, you will help elevate each other to the next levels in your lives. You will enhance each other’s happiness. You will build together, you will inspire each other.

Does this mean we have to be perfect before we enter a relationship? No not at all. We just need to love ourselves.

It sounds so basic, but sometimes we don’t realise we don’t love ourselves, until we start loving ourselves.

-Dionne MT-

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Chronic pain & Insomnia.. tonight I had no fight 

3AM swigging morphine from the bottle, to numb the pain to quiet the voices
Voices ringing out these voices are so loud, countless noises
Chronic pain tension rising 
Mind running wild thoughts going crazy
Physical battle mental war raging
One two ten exhale.. not this again 
My worse enemy and my best friend 
Insomnia nights legally high
Medically drug induced hazy nights
It’s been months with no pain relief months of conditioning my mind 
Tonight I was tired tonight I had no fight 
Opiates coursing through my blood at the surface I’m tearing through my skin
I may be weak tonight but I’ll be stronger tomorrow I refuse to give in.. it will never win

-Dionne MT-

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They say with time it gets better..

Every year transported back feeling today the pain I felt yesteryear
You tell yourself this year I won’t be affected this year I’ll be stronger 
But you can’t help but wonder how life would be if they was still here 
When you feel everything so deeply it’s hard to shut out the deepest pain you’ve ever felt
I close my eyes and I’m still taken back to that day, I see it so clear I remember so vividly 
When you loose a loved one there is no true remedy 
They say with time it gets better, no.. with time you accept does that make time a healer?
Gone but never forgotten it’s just during this period it’s much more harder

RIP sis.. the kindest spirit I knew x

-Dionne MT-

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