Looking for love?! Look No further..

We must learn to love ourselves before we can love another.
This is a well known fact now.
Knowing our self worth is so important.

So many times in our life we search for a partner, someone to love us, someone to make us happy. We walk into relationships searching for someone to complete us.

We come with our baggage, we come with our expectations and with all these needs. We come and unsurprisingly we eventually have to leave.

Should we not be going into a relationship already happy, already whole. Should a partner not bring additional joy to your life, not the only joy.

At times we get into relationships, two broken beings feeding of each other’s soul. Two stagnant souls you’ll be, stuck in a rut trying to fix each other.

Instead we should focus on being happy whilst single. When alone; this is the time to learn to love yourself, learn to respect yourself, find out what makes you happy, be happy, motivate yourself, dream big, get out of the bed in the morning for yourself. Focus on being the best you.

If you do this, you will not worry about being single, you will not worry about finding a suitable partner. You will understand there is no need to worry.

When you both do unite, you will help elevate each other to the next levels in your lives. You will enhance each other’s happiness. You will build together, you will inspire each other.

Does this mean we have to be perfect before we enter a relationship? No not at all. We just need to love ourselves.

It sounds so basic, but sometimes we don’t realise we don’t love ourselves, until we start loving ourselves.

-Dionne MT-

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What’s a dream if you can’t live it?

He said he’ll do it tomorrow.. he blinked and the year was over
Procrastination. Time waits for no one
Times revolving doors continuously spinning, churning out hour after hour day after day
No pausing to take notes no instant replays
We sit we wait we ponder time eclipsing each day
Gone forever never to come back,
If only life was measured in should haves and could haves, we’d have it all
In reality without action all these possibilities count for nothing at all
Without action what do we really have? Nothing but high hopes and sweet dreams
But what’s a dream if you can’t live it, that sounds like a nightmare to me

-Dionne MT-

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Parts of me

I’m trying to unlock parts of me, untouched parts for me
Parts of me you do not see, parts of me that make me me
You see parts of me I hide so well
You see parts of me I shouldn’t tell
I tell to kill the egoic parts of me
I tell to lighten dark parts of me
Parts of me, there are so many parts of me
New levels new parts, parts of me I’m yet to see
Parts of me who make me me

-Dionne MT-

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No more lies, No more excuses

A point comes when you no longer have any excuses to tell yourself, all the reasons you use to justify why you haven’t started a certain project or given up that annoying bad habit eventually run out. You can lie to everyone around you, you can even lie to yourself for awhile but after awhile even you will stop believing the lies and excuses you tell yourself.

Why do we put things off until the last minute, why do we wait until our backs are against the wall?

The bigger the change the bigger the sacrifice. If it was going to be easy we’d have done it by now right? We anticipate how hard something will be and this is what stops us from starting in the first place. The thought of not knowing how to do something makes us uncomfortable and puts us off, wanting instant results and not getting them discourages us, thinking about how to start stresses us out so we don’t.

If we stop at the first mind hurdle we’ll never make it out the blocks to the action stage. Some would rather not start if they can’t guarantee success but ask yourself this, isn’t not starting failure anyway?

Enough is enough! We can’t keep thinking like this, we can’t keep allowing ourselves to be our own downfall. What we put in is what we get out, it’s as simple as that.

We can keep doing the bare minimum and continue to minimum results or we can choose to say now is the time and do more.

-Dionne MT-

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Fake News Or Real News.. Who Knows?!

Fake news gone viral or real news denial
We see what we’re shown who’s to say what’s really real
Cut throat opinionated white coats churning out information
Nothing is ever coincidental, distraction after distraction
Mental incarceration without realising, trapped without force
We gobble up there lies willingly freely riding their course
Wake up wise up eyes open, I’ll guarantee you see’ll what’s really going on
Nothing is ever as it seems
I’m questioning everything 

-Dionne MT-

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