Letting go, Choosing you

When we hold on to anger, when we allow our past to make us bitter we block our blessings. How can you be blessed when giving of such negative energy. We have to process our anger. What is it about said situation that makes us angry, what are the facts, process it then move forward … Continue reading Letting go, Choosing you


Friday night musings.. Power

Until we grasp the full sense of the power we hold within ourselves, we will never truly understand what we are capable of. It’s in each and everyone of us, the power of God, the power of the universe, whatever power it is you want to call upon, if you truly believe in it you … Continue reading Friday night musings.. Power

Welcome to my world.. come if you dare

Welcome to my world the year is 2018, humans rarely answer the landline and we do not pick up private numbers unless we just had an interview, everyone else can leave a voicemail. We communicate with abbreviations, emojis ands gifs. Most socialising is reserved for social media or the summer season maybe spring if you … Continue reading Welcome to my world.. come if you dare

What happens next?!

What happens when the music stops and the lights come on What happens when the haze lifts and the fog clears What happens next? Does reality kick in and the euphoria evaporate leaving you to stare and wonder What happens next, what do I do now? Riding the high one wave to the next Thrill … Continue reading What happens next?!