We’re all guilty

Complain all some do is complain 
If you don’t like something change 
Complaining changes nothing 
You can complain or actually do something 
Blowing negative energy on to it fires
Problematic flames will only grow higher
If you don’t like something change it
If you don’t like something remove it
It’s not rocket science there’s nothing to decipher
You have the power you have all that you require
Energy wasted complaining 
Better placed ego taming 
Better placed taking action
Anything’s possible with a bit of dedication

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

If you don't like something change it. If you can't change it change your attitude don't complain

Running Away To Paradise?! 

Do you ever feel like you wanna run away, to a place where the birds sing and no one knows your name
To a place where the sun rises early the tide comes in and takes all your stresses away

Do you ever feel like you wanna run away, to a deserted island with clear waters sounds of singing and laughter
To a place where pain doesn’t exist a place where real love and happiness lives 

Do you ever wanna run away? 
Always but then I realise this place can not be seen by the naked eye but only felt by the mind

A state of mind peace resides within, running away sounds great but if we’re always running we will never truly escape

How can you escape from yourself
All we can do is embrace ourself
Find your own paradise and take it with you where ever you go
Enjoy the moments enjoy life, the good, the bad, sun and snow 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Attention Seeking.. Why?!

Attention seeking people pleasing all I see is egos
Whose entertaining whose feeding these souls
Damaged children producing an insecure adult generation 
Was it the lack of love or the lack of basic attention 
It wasn’t their intention, it’s all they knew
They grew from roots the mans religion not knowing what was true
Empathy at its lowest show no emotion attitude at it’s highest
Now very few 20 plus no how to deal with their emotions
Years of pent up emotion leading to current day frustrations
No one talks skimming surfaces no digging too deep
Acting out like children trying to get the attention you seek

The thing is.. that doesn’t work anymore woke adults see past all of this 
Grown folks are not feeding into this all they see is hissy fits
Toxic energy vibes, we see your tricks we see your games
Positive vibes, We can’t mix we can’t blend switching lanes

Never demand what isn’t given freely
Let life and all it’s element flow naturally 
All the attention seeking in the world won’t grant you want isn’t yours 
There’s rules to this universe, there are levels there are laws

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Now We’re All Slaves.. Break Free

Free your mind break free from these man made chains
Don’t let them define you for too long we’ve been enslaved 

Robbed and whipped brainwashed slaves, now we’re being strangled and choked by politicians blowing smoke
Now everyone’s slaves, taking from the poor holding our heath hostage stealing hope from folks

Tying invisible ropes around communities 
They try to pigeon hole you control you, play on your insecurities 

But have faith, we’re starting to see we’re starting to believe
This is the year of conscious awakening I won’t follow the path they say is for me 
You shouldn’t either, it’s time to break free.

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

The light at the end of the runner is not an illusion the tunnel is Photo Source

Learning Never Stops. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

They say play to your strengths, I say develop your weaknesses.

We will never reach new heights if we’re not willing to push and test ourselves. Playing to our strengths is all good and dandy but we will never grow to our full potential by doing this.

Sometimes we have to step outside of our comfort zones, work on the things we are not so good at for it is these things which will help push us to the next stage in our lives.

There is always room to learn something new, identify your weaknesses and work on them. If we stay doing what we are only good at we plateau, this is fine if you are ok with that but for those who want more from live we have to push on. We have to help ourselves grow. 

Learning never stops. 

Once you stop learning you start dying
Food for thought. 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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