My Bitch

Me and you, engaged in this poisonous up down relationship

Some days I’m so happy..I think you’ve left me, you’ve set me free to go live

Then you come back like a nit, determined to make my skin itch

Itching from that poison..Its not you but your side effects I admit

..When all is said and done, it’s still your fault when will you let me be?

Leave me be.

This feeling’s so intense, somedays I can’t breathe, somedays I can’t think

..Chronic pain. My Bitch


I originally wrote this over a year ago on my old blog, but it’s as relevant today as it was then. You may see me smiling, you may see me laughing but never underestimate the pain I’m experiencing.

There are so many people you walk pass everyday who are living with chronic pain or other invisble illnesses.

Be kind to everyone, spread love always.. us humans we hide things well. 

Breathe Think Write Release

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