Are You Infecting Or Being Infected?!

Sometimes we have to adjust the settings and realign our minds. It’s so easy to go off track or get distracted by life.  Sometimes we feed our energy into the wrong things. There are some situations we’re going to face in our life where we have to learn not to feed into them.  Energy is … Continue reading Are You Infecting Or Being Infected?!

Recommended Reads #10

Check out today’s Recommended Reads below: Applying Mindfulness Strategies To Manage ADHD A Valentine's Day First Smile Relationship Drifts (2 Min Read) Becoming Navigating This Journey into Consciousness Click Here for the last recommended reads post. The Bloggers Network is about sharing and connecting with fellow bloggers. Let’s continue to show love and support each other. All … Continue reading Recommended Reads #10

Recommended Reads #9

It's been quite some time since I've shared my fellow bloggers work but from today I'll be starting to do this again. To be featured in these posts click here to join the Bloggers Network where you can leave links to your favourite pieces or blog page. Check out today's Recommended Reads below: Starfish Story … Continue reading Recommended Reads #9

London Livng or is it London Surviving  

Sirens blaring traffic roaring Searching for solace within the smog Testing times heavy loads No time to think always on the go  London living or is it London surviving Trapped in cycles surviving pay check to pay check Every month it's the same story have we not leant yet Heads bobbing barely above water gasping … Continue reading London Livng or is it London Surviving