Friend, Foe or Family.. Loyalty

The blood running though our veins may connect us but what’s connection without love and loyalty
It’s earned, it’s nurtured, it’s not a given
It’s not a standard foregone conclusion
Born from the same line but we’re strangers
You don’t know me and I don’t know you
It’s true, blood is thicker than water
It makes you related but doesn’t mean you can relate
It doesn’t mean I’m bound by blind stupidity
It doesn’t mean I must agree with you and follow you till the end of the world
This blind loyalty you think of is earned
Blood, sweat and tears, years of realness
Years of growth, years of falling, years of having each other’s backs
I’ve been misguided before, deceived to the point of raw pain
Pain so raw the thought makes the hairs on my arms stand
I never could understand
I can’t stand liars, I can’t stand fake people be it friends or family but this is the world we live in
A world where some are more concerned with keeping up appearances
They don’t understand the meaning of true loyalty
They’d rather die in a lie than live freely in honestly
That’s why I walk with my eyes wide open never swearing for anyone
Life has taught me you can’t put anything past anyone
You can be stabbed in the back by friend, foe or family
Welcome to humanity

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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