There’s a difference between love and attachment

Love and attachment are so often confused and mistaken for one another. Too the naked eye they look very similar and to the unknowing they can even feel the same.

The truth is love and attachment are very different. Love is something given freely with nothing wanted in return. Love is unconditional it does not disappear because of one misunderstanding or a few arguments. Love endures and if allowed to it can conquer all things. Love is kind, love is honest, love is so many things. Love is taking nothing for granted.

Attachment on the other hand is an intense suffocating feeling mistaken for love. Attachment does not trust easily, It’s controlling. When you become attached to someone anxiety grows and the fear of losing them sets in which stops you from living in the moment and enjoying each other. Instead of loving each other time is spent on pointless arguments mainly caused by insecurities.

I always use to wonder to myself why do people stay in dead end relationship for so long after the love is gone, well that’s if love was even there to start with in the first place. It is attachment what has them trapped in the situation, not love unfortunately because love would allow you both to walk away and find happiness.

Some would rather you be miserable with them than let you go into the arms of someone else and be happy. That isn’t love. I learnt along time ago that’s its much harder to leave a relationship you are attached to than one you love.

Love and attachment are two different things, understand the difference.

Love and attachment are two different things. Love attachment quote

-Dionne MT-

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