Grateful, Glad, Vindicated..

Grateful, glad, I feel vindicated Every decision made, every door I closed Closed not knowing what the future holds Closed with a heavy heart but closed with no regrets I live a life where you’re either in or you’re out, it’s either all the way or no way at all All I had was a … Continue reading Grateful, Glad, Vindicated..

Afternoon musings: Don’t overcomplicate life..

Don't overcomplicate life, do the things you want to do. Time waits for no one this is why it's important to live in the moment doing whatever you want to do, doing whatever makes you happy.  We have a tendency to look out for everyone but ourselves at times, we do things to appease others, … Continue reading Afternoon musings: Don’t overcomplicate life..

Create your own happiness

Sometimes we go through life waiting for magical moments to happen to us, to bring us happiness. We await the perfect job, the perfect partner or perfect holiday to bring us joy.  Happiness is all around us in the way we see things. The mindset we hold is what will determine our happiness not material … Continue reading Create your own happiness