Why should you?

Why should we down play our happiness just to make others feel comfortable? Why should we down play our achievements so we’re not seen to be rubbing it in other people’s noses. The truth is we shouldn’t, I believe there is a way in which you can do things which doesn’t come across as arrogant … Continue reading Why should you?

Unapologetic Living

I’m channelling love from the crevices of my soul to warm the cold spot in my heart.. created by pain, magnified by loss I have a soft spot for that warm fussy feeling, that intense feeling, an unquenchable yearning for you I have Not a need but a want Not a.. I can’t live without … Continue reading Unapologetic Living

Afternoon musings: Don’t overcomplicate life..

Don't overcomplicate life, do the things you want to do. Time waits for no one this is why it's important to live in the moment doing whatever you want to do, doing whatever makes you happy.  We have a tendency to look out for everyone but ourselves at times, we do things to appease others, … Continue reading Afternoon musings: Don’t overcomplicate life..

Create your own happiness

Sometimes we go through life waiting for magical moments to happen to us, to bring us happiness. We await the perfect job, the perfect partner or perfect holiday to bring us joy.  Happiness is all around us in the way we see things. The mindset we hold is what will determine our happiness not material … Continue reading Create your own happiness

Morning Thoughts: Gratitude changes everything..

Everyday we wake is another day we've been blessed with life. Sometimes we take the smallest things for granted like waking up or having a job to go to. There are so many people who would give their right arm to be in the situation we are in, to simply be alive.. a situation we … Continue reading Morning Thoughts: Gratitude changes everything..