..She whispered “Sorry..I can’t fix you today I’m fixing me” 

..Fixing as to imply broken not necessarily but doing what you need to do and yeah in some case literally glueing the pieces back together. I think we owe it to each other to respect each other enough to understand this, supporting each other to a certain extent.

You can not cross the finishing line for someone but you can offer a helping a hand, nor can you carry another persons cross. Ultimately we can only do these things ourselves. The days have past where we go around using other people as crutches. Jumping into beds to ease the pain no one wants to feel pain so we replace it with pleasure. Latching on to people forming superficial connections just so we are not alone, attempting to fill the void that will never be filled if we continue like that. Until you are able to enjoy your own company will you ever really be happy? We will always need more to feel the void of being lonely, God forbid we actually stand on our own two feet not needing anything from anyone.

Friendships and relationships should not be based on needing something from the other person and it shouldn’t be because we don’t want to be alone. What are you bringing to the table? Are you simply a taker or is there mutual respect and giving from all parties. There is something very special about someone wanting you but not actually needing you. I want to be your friend because I like your personality and traits not I need to be your friend because I have none or you’ve got a nice car and fancy clothes or some insecurity you’re expressing.

Anyway I’m slightly loosing my point here as I do  but my drive home message basically is, we should all work on ourselves for ourselves and support our close loved ones whilst they do the same. We shouldn’t take things so personal all the time. Everyone is fighting personal battles some are just more evident than others.
dont try to fix me love me while i fix myself
Peace, Love & Positivity

-Dionne MT-

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