What Day Is It Today?

Good days and bad days
Over the moon days
Can’t get out the bed days
Don’t know what you’re gonna eat days
Living on the breadline days 
Feeling flush just been paid days
Just paid the bills feeling depressed days
Stunting buying out the bar days
Looking down the sofa counting penny days
Lumpy custard school dinner days
Corn beef leftover dinner days
Louis Vuitton handbags Burberry boxers days
Primark and h&m remembering twisted priority days
Angry days and sad days
Don’t know if your coming or going days
Judging turning up your nose days
Crying persecuted I don’t deserve this days 
Negative why me days
Chin up get on with it days
Positive mind’s in the right place days

We all have our days
What day is it today?

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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