We all need a purpose

the  purpose of life is  a life with purpose 
We all need purpose in life. Something to believe in, a reason. So many are not happy in life because of this lack of purpose.

That feeling of not mattering. You do matter, you are not invisible. Keep searching and you will find your purpose. Believe it. 

Our definitions of purpose may differ, purpose for one may be a nightmare to another. For some a job is just a job but for others their job gives them purpose, it genuinely makes them happy. No one can find your purpose for you or tell you your life is great you should be happy. As your life journey continues and you grow your purpose will too. 

Be open to change, be open to personal growth.

Find your purpose and run with it.

Life is for living, what are we waiting for. 

Life is too short for anything but to be happy. Make your days count, a day spent in ruins is a day you will never get back.

Anything could happen, life comes and life goes. Make the most of it. Don’t worry about anything, just do you. 

Find your purpose and enjoy life every step of the way. 

-Dionne MT-

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2 thoughts on “We all need a purpose

  1. I agree with you and I’ve been floundering this past year with my purpose. But life has a way of helping you sort out what you’re meant to be doing.

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