It’s A Funny World

They want to see you loose your cool, blow your top loose your rag
Speaking opinions never facts
Facts steadying stacking against them
Lost for words mumbling dazed remembering 

Let your calm unnerve them steady hands ice cold veins
Mask off slitting tyres they’re acting strange
Strange behaviour is now becoming the norm
Everyone wants to be different, who wants to conform 

Trying to find your normal in an abnormal world
Where everyone’s concerned about others tainting characters and telling tales 
Cold world back stabbers naysayers, friends can turn foe super quick 
No thought in a blink of an eye switching clicks

Ride in a lane with the realist beside you  
Loyalty you ride for them they ride for you
Everyone wants to get friendly till the sun rises and alcohol evaporates 
Rolling over to smudged eyebrows no eye contact eyes searching for an escape 

It a funny world we live in
Sometimes you have to stop, laugh and take it all in

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release 

It's a funny old world Photo Source

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