Here we go again.. Me vs Me

 small feet, big shoes 
Can you imagine being in constant pain?
Many can, many will try 
Relentless. A day doesn’t pass 
It’s all an act, curtains close
They see you smile, see you laugh 
Some days you say it’s better than others
Other days you sit and wonder
You’re wondering about better days
Do you remember your last genuine pain free day?
Can you see? Is this my only pain?
Sipping this sweet poison to numb the pain
Glass in hand, 
Silence lingers. I have nothing to say 
I’m sure people get tired of your complaints
Here we go again some probably say
So today I’ll stay quiet, focus on the master plan
Today, inside is where my feelings reside 
Bubbling at the surface
Tomorrow is another day
Stay hopeful, focus on the end goal
It’s a journey
Tip scales or balance me 
Small feet big shoes
It’s me vs me

-Dionne MT-
Breathe Think Write Release

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