Recommended Reads #10

Check out today’s Recommended Reads below: Applying Mindfulness Strategies To Manage ADHD A Valentine's Day First Smile Relationship Drifts (2 Min Read) Becoming Navigating This Journey into Consciousness Click Here for the last recommended reads post. The Bloggers Network is about sharing and connecting with fellow bloggers. Let’s continue to show love and support each other. All … Continue reading Recommended Reads #10

“Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved”

So I'm sitting here on the plane tired beyond any words I can use to describe it, but of course me being me overactive mind blah blah etcetera etcetera I obviously can not sleep. Looking around I'm wondering how on earth do people just close their eyes and two minutes later they're sleeping. I can't … Continue reading “Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved”

What determines YOUR happiness?

Throughout life at some point or another we have all allowed outside influences to control our happiness. The relationship we're in, our friendships, our jobs, our financial status and the list goes on. We give so much power to conditional beings, to conditional things. Your relationship breaks down and it is as your life has … Continue reading What determines YOUR happiness?

Recommended Reads #8

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Bloggers Network: Connect & Share

Since I started blogging consistently I've found a warm supportive community. The blogging community is almost like your extended family, I enjoy sharing and networking with my fellow bloggers. There are so many people out there who expect you to support their ventures but are not willing to do the same. How can we expect … Continue reading Bloggers Network: Connect & Share