Deep Down We All Know Better..

I see so clearly now.
We are the creators of all things good, bad, great or ugly in our lives

I see so clearly now.
We create issues in our minds and they manifest into our reality

I see so clearly now.
I see the man made issues I’ve created 
I see the errors of of my ways

The power of the mind is second to none
It’s power is unbelievable.

The Law of attraction is so real.

All things are energy, that includes out feelings and thoughts.

Think positive thoughts and positive actions will follow

I see so clearly now.
No longer clouded by the unknown 
No longer living in fear

Mentally grown, to aware to walk blindly 
To aware to not know

Conscious awakening, subconscious reprogramming.

I know better. 

Look within, seek knowledge.

Deep down we all know better.

Breathe Think Write Release 


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Photo credit: Conscious Conversation Guru

6 thoughts on “Deep Down We All Know Better..

    1. I feel like once we become aware it’s about making conscious decisions. When our minds goes to these place which in the beginning it will inevitably go, we have to be aware and consciously refocus it. As time goes on and we practice this and find techniques that work for us, I belief our subconscious mind will no longer go to those places. It will only go to the places we have have consciously trained it to go to. Whoaa!! Complex indeed 🙂 x

      1. Well said. It is about making conscious choices and being aware of what our thoughts are. The brain is so incredibly complex, there’s no doubt about that.

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