Do Not be Defined by Your Past. Change Your Future

change your future focus energy on who you want to be

Socrates got this spot. All these great minds of past knew the secret. It was there for every ordinary man and woman to see and know. The difference between then and now is these great minds didn’t spoon feed the masses. They spoke fourth in riddles, only a select few could decipher.

We’re living in a time now where as a people we are awakening, our eyes are open to all around us. We are no longer willing to accept the chains,  the confinements of our minds.

We’re taking back control. 

Imagine a world in which every individual was aware. We’d be living in a completely different world. 

Why should we make the same mistakes as our grandparents parents? The same mistakes being made generation after generation.

change by learning from the mistakes of others

The knowledge is out there for us to feast on. We must use the advances of this modern  age to learn from past scholars, past intellects.

We can no longer be blinded in this new age. It’s impossible.

Seek knowledge. Become aware.

Do not let your past define you. Your past is your past. Reflect on it then let it go. You can not dwell on the past forever because if you do, that is where you shall remain.. In the past. That is who you will remain. 

life gets better with change not by chance
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Focus on who you want to be, put your energy in to that. 

..It’s never too late to make a change.

The secrets to unlocking true happiness, to freedom.. is all in the mind.

Breathe Think Write release

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